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Extend the Life of Your Pipes and Fixtures

Does your home have hard water coursing through its pipes? While the minerals in hard water are not harmful to your health, the deposits they leave in your plumbing system can cause problems in pipes, fixtures, and appliances.


Many people find that soft water reacts to bathing soaps and detergents in a more desirable way. Contact Atomic Plumbing today to discuss the state of your water, and find out how we can help. All work is guaranteed!

Give your water the treatment it needs with a Nuvo water softener.


Nuvo Water softeners treat hard water by removing calcium and lowering the pH level to reduce or eliminate scale formation through a process called Chelation.

Quality water softeners from Nuvo

Atomic Plumbing is a certified installer of Nuvo water softeners. These high-quality water softeners have been highly successful in removing and preventing scale, as well as restoring efficiency to untreated water heaters.


Call us at 817-219-4790 to ask any questions about our products, or to schedule an installation.

Professional installations

Discounts are available for military persons and senior citizens!

24-hour service is always available!